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e-invoicing in Mexico

In my last post, we discussed the key issues facing global organizations as the Mexico government continues to implement and push the usage of CFDI.  I wanted to expand upon the potential issues facing Procurement and Accounts Payable users and managers as I feel it is an underestimated issue.

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It’s Time for E-Invoicing!

E- Invoicing is the electronic transfer of invoicing information (billing and payment) between business partners (supplier and buyers).

The introduction of e-invoicing can help a company in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and benefiting from competitive advantages.

E-invoicing reduces unnecessary manual work, leads to greater efficiency and control, improved security, shorter credit periods and reduced environmental impact.


Tieto and Danske Bank have agreed to co-operate in sales of electronic invoicing service solutions. In addition to electronic invoicing, the collaboration covers invoice printing, scanning, archiving and presentation services.


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Jason Busch at Spend Matters recently used an expression “drinking the Kool-Aid” when referring to the unquestioning beliefs of software vendors’ marketing people. I didn’t even know what Kool-Aid was but I knew what he meant. It’s what I call believing your own bullshit and we see so much of this whenever the topic of e-invoicing and interoperability crops up. Despite the fiercely opposed arguments, there is something very consistent about the views expressed on interoperability. They are all very biased.

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From January 1, 2013, new EU VAT rules enter into effect, which, Brussels claim, will make life much simpler for businesses across Europe.

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